Friday, March 11, 2011

How To Attract Money Using Rune FA


FA is the rune that will attract money, wealth, prosperity into your life now! This is the first one in the Guido Von List Futhark of 18 runes.

Choose just one key word when you meditate. It is always more powerful and productive. It gives your meditation and breathing exercises a laser beam approach.

Of all the methods you can use to bring their energies into your aura is to breathe them in while meditating.

The day that you start to meditate and breathe the energies of wealth, which is one of the key words for the FA, is the day you will start to attract more money out of the Quantum Ocean where the runes exist and have always existed.

Be alert for this new found money. It might start with finding a shiny penny on the ground. Pick it up. Don't spit in Freya's eye (Goddess of Prosperity). Answer your mail, talk to strangers. Once money energy starts towards you from the Quantum Ocean and starts to enter your aura your new found riches will begin.
Remember the Laws of Quantum Physics. They tell us all is energy. You are energy, money is energy, wealth is energy, and runes are energy.
Runes are ancient. They existed long before the Viking Age.. They are keys to the doorways that lead to the Universal Energies of Creation or what is known in today's world as the Quantum Ocean. FA is a symbol for energy that existed long before words.
The key to recreating and redefining your prosperity is to get this energy inside of you NOW.
The primary function of Rune FA is to attract mobile wealth, money into your life. .
Key Words:

• Money
• Original Fire
• Life Change
• Rising Phoenix
• Spiritual Creation
• Mobile Wealth
• Wealth

Choose the keyword that you feel represents your idea of riches. This will be the one you will use in your breathing exercises.

The Norse Goddess FREYA is the Goddess of this rune.

This work is not instantaneous. A chest of gold will not mysteriously appear at your doorstep. The attraction process works like this: When you make contact with the RUNE-FA, waves of energy from the Quantum Ocean will flow towards you.

They will enter into your life as events, people, ideas, phone calls and mail. The rest is up to you!
Wealth Meditation Exercise

Sit comfortably in your favorite chair. Hold a large rune in your hands. Look at it, meditate upon it. Then take a deep breath and say "I am now inhaling the energies of Riches out of the quantum ocean and into my aura."

Do it three times. Do not be turned off by the simplicity. It works.. Get up and go about your business with the assurance that money is on its way.


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