Monday, September 6, 2010

How To Use Quantum Physics to Become aRunic Quantum Warrior


It is time to drop the old runic rituals and build the new runic rituals.

The Age of Aquarius which is caused by the movement of our whole solar system another 30 degrees around our galactic sun demands change.

The last 2000 years belonged to the Age of Pisces, Christianity, monotheism and what I like to call emotional magic.

This new age is the Age of the Mind. It is governed by the laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics.

It can be a giant step in the evolution of mankind if they come out of the murky waters of the emotional (Pisces) energy into the cool clean air of Aquarius.

Not everyone will let go of the emotional state of being produced by Pisces and reach for the mental energies of Aquarius.

But if you wish to be a modern day rune master with power you must make the leap.

The laws of Sp[ritual Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean (Mimir's Well).

Everything that is, was or will be exists there. There is no time nor space there. Only the NOW!

The energies of the runes exist there and have always existed there. Even before Odin, the All Father hung from the tree for 9 days and nights and reached into the Quantum Ocean to rediscover them.

Every 2000 years humanity, on the planet Earth, is introduced to a new Galactic energy and set of laws. These are to be used to build a new reality different from the past age.

It is the time of the mind. The emotions must take second place and be controlled.

There is an old saying 'you cannot put new wine into old flasks.'

For rune masters you cannot put Aquarian age mental energy into Piscean age rune rituals.

Therefore use your mind to update all your rune rituals. Create and invent new ones. How? That is what being a rune master is all about.

Look how one man, Constantine, in the third century, at the beginning of the Piscean Age invented Christianity. Look at the devastation that he has done to our ancestral soul. Surely one of you can out do him in the next 2000 years. At least start it!

Don't let the Age of Pisces energy control the new 2000 year Age of Aquarius.

Think newer and bigger thoughts. You have the Quantum Ocean with all the Norse Gods/Goddesses and the power of the runes to strengthen to think new, bigger thoughts into our ancestral soul.

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