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Attract the Wisdom of Odin Into Your Life Using the OS Rune

We now live in the 21st Century. We now have the Laws of Quantum Physics which tell us that everything in the universe exists in an infinite ocean of energy called the Quantum Ocean.

There is no past, present nor future there. Only the now!

Odin and the Runes and all the gods/goddesses of the North live there. Odin is waiting for you to call him out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life.

But what would you do with Odin and the runes in your life now?

How many thousands of well meaning modern day vikings are calling Odin in their rituals, in the blots and in their sumbels? How many will know what to do with him if and when he arrives.

You live in the 21st Century and not in the Viking Age. You cannot use a lot of the energies of Odin or the runes now.

You must intelligently use the powers of the gods and the runes for todays world.

WISDOM! You can always use wisdom. Wisdom is the power to gather all the knowledge that you will need to achieve your modern 21st Century goals.

Do you want more health, wealth, love etc now? Then you will need Odin's wisdom now, in its updated version.

Remember Odin is the God of Wisdom. Not only in the Viking Age with Viking warriors, nor in the future, but now with the wisdom you will need now!

Rune OS is the rune associated with Odin's wisdom.

Bring Odin and Rune OS into your life out of the Quantum Ocean now.


The Quantum Ocean is where all exists. You are an individual unit of energy that 'blinked out' of the Quantum Ocean to experience this life (you have had others).

Now you need to connect yourself to the energies of Odin and Rune OS which still exist in the Quantum Ocean.

There is a universal connecting substance that permeates and penetrates everything in the universe, both in and out of the Quantum Ocean.

This is called Life Force. It is also called prana, chi, etc.

You breathe it in with every breath that you take, Without it you die.


When you think of a thing you make a connection to it. When you think of Odin and the Rune OS you connect to them.

The connection is made by your thoughts.

To attract the Wisdom energies of Odin and Rune OS into your life all you need to is to think about them and breathe them into your aura.

You can breathe them in with every breath that you take.

You are constantly breathing in life force. Now thanks to your mind and your thoughts you will be breathing in life force with the wisdom energies of Odin and the Rune Os connected to them.

It is no different that an electronic carrier wave that carries several different frequencies and channels through the air at the same time.

This is the magic that starts the process:

Sit quietly and relax.

Hold the Rune OS (that you printed out) in you lap. Look at it.

Take a deep breath and mentally say to yourself, I am now breathing in the Wisdom of Odin out of the Quantum Ocean and into my aura now.

See the life force flowing out of the the Rune OS and into your aura.

Do this at least 3 times.

And whenever else you want to do it during the day.

Your aura is an egg shaped oval about 2-3 feet surrounding your body. It is very light shade of violet. It makes a motion or movement like heated air that rises off the hot pavement. Do not be concerned if you cannot see it. it is there.

See you aura being filled with this energy of wisdom.

The wisdom energy in your aura will attract like to it. Like attracts like. If you have Odin Wisdom Energy in your aura, you will attract Wisdom from all kinds of places into your life to use as you need it. It will be waiting in your aura for you to use.

Your aura is your life's magnet. Be careful what you think into it.

This is real rune magic.

You want Odin's wisdom to help you with todays problems, not to fight scraelings or frost giants.

Time to update our gods/goddesses and bring them into the 21st Century. The Laws of Quantum Physics will help us do this.

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